Mission & Values

Our Mission

At District Eat and Play, our Mission is to become the local premier entertainment destination by providing a one-of-a-kind experience that energizes everyone with an enthusiastic welcome, legendary service, spectacular food, and an unforgettable time!


Our Values



Whole heartedly LOVE what you do! Our passion gives us a sense of purpose, energizes our soul...It’s what drives us every day.



Do the RIGHT thing no matter what! Always act with unwavering integrity in every thing you do and be sure your actions are consistent with your words. Having integrity means that you are trustworthy, reliable and honest.



Take RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions! Accountability is more than just doing our job; we have an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence and to do things in a way to better ourselves, our team and our company.



Believe in the strength of WORKING TOGETHER! Teamwork promotes a supportive environment that fosters friendship and loyalty. When we have teamwork, the whole team is motivated and working toward the same goal.


Excellence in Hospitality

Seek to be the GREATEST in everything you do! We are committed to bringing the highest level of energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm to our job every day.