In 2018, District Eat & Play opened their first location in Oviedo, Florida. Founder, Matt Ilbak dreamed of creating a business that incorporated a welcoming atmosphere for all families/friends to have a memorable experience. The foundation was built upon quality food, entertainment, and games that are irresistibly amusing for both adults and children. This interactive company culture positioned District Eat & Play apart from its competitors and sparked growth. Adam Ilbak shared his brother's passion for the entertainment industry and further developed the company in 2019. Adam’s aspiration is to rapidly expand the company nationwide, allowing more exposure of this fun-loving business that Matt embarked on.


Headquarters is in The Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles, CA. District Eat & Play is striving to develop twenty locations within the next five years that all embody the same core values. Adam is enthusiastic about innovating to ensure that guests always have an unforgettable experience.